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Which stream is best for hotel management?

Indian students typically get stressed out after completing their secondary education. They have this pressure of selecting the right stream from arts, science, or commerce after their 10th standard. This decision not only determines their path to higher secondary education but also pay a crucial role in choosing future pursuits. As a result, the weight of this choice triggers anxiety.

Are you one of those who feel torn between passion, future prospects and your parent’s expectations? Don’t worry, you are not alone who has the fear of making a wrong decision. There are many like you who struggle with not being sure. However, a popular choice for many is to do a diploma in hotel management in Udaipur. Keep on reading to find out what are the academics requirement to be a professional in hospitality. We will discuss the best academic stream from arts, science and commerce for hotel management.

Which stream to choose after class 10th for hotel management?

The best part about hotel management is that anyone can enrol for such courses. Whether you are a science student or you are choosing the arts or commerce stream in class 11th, you can easily get admission to hotel management courses. 

However, keep in mind that each academic stream has its unique advantages when it comes to future prospects of hotel management.

Science: This stream prepares you for analytical skills and technical aspects. Science students can perform better in the culinary domain. Your knowledge and exposure prepare you to better understand the science behind food preparation and hygiene. So science students can enjoy job roles that involve quality control and food safety management. 

Commerce: Students who have a desire to understand the financial aspects of business operations choose commerce. If you like to become a commerce student after the 10th then you can also pursue a hotel management degree or diploma and choose hospitality budgeting, pricing, and revenue management as your preferences.

Arts: Students with a creative flair often go for humanities and arts subjects. Pursuing arts in the senior secondary can also prepare you for exciting hospitality jobs like event planning, guest relations, and marketing. 



Which subject is best to do a diploma in hotel management in Udaipur?

Hotel management courses have a well-rounded curriculum. Students from any academic stream can fulfil their dreams.  When choosing the academic stream after the 10th simply consider your personal interest and strengths. There is no subject obligation for hotel management diplomas. Whether you are an art student, a science student or someone from a commerce background, you are eligible for the diploma. Depending on your preferences, you have the following options to pursue a diploma in hotel

  1. Hospitality and tourism management: In this subject, you will study hotel operations, guest services and tourism. With this diploma, you get career opportunities at resorts, travel agencies and event management companies. 
  1. Diploma in culinary arts: Are you passionate about cooking? Choose this subject for the hotel management diploma. Career opportunities like chef and kitchen manager are available for students who choose culinary arts. 
  2. Front office operations: This subject prepares you for guest interactions. If you are a people-oriented individual, you should choose this subject.
  3. Event management: Udaipur is one of the most famous locations for destination weddings. Pursuing a diploma in this subject would prepare you for planning various scales of weddings, conferences and corporate meetings. 
  4. Housekeeping: In this subject, you learn hygiene standards and housekeeping operations. You get responsible job opportunities for the cleanliness and ambiance of hotels. 
  5. Business management: Students particularly from the commerce stream can choose this subject. In this diploma, you will study topics like marketing, finance and business operations. 

How to choose the right fit?

As mentioned earlier, hotel management diplomas have a well-rounded curriculum. Students from any academic stream can pursue this field. However, when it comes to the right subjects, it is best to consider your long-term goals. Think about what type of career you want and then select the right subject. 

What are the stream preferences to get admission to a bartending institute in Rajasthan?

Students from all academic streams, including arts, science, and commerce, are welcome to join a bartending institute in Rajasthan. Hotel management or bartending institutes typically do not have specific subject requirements for admission. 

You are eligible to get admission, just make sure that you have a genuine interest in mixology, customer service, and the hospitality industry.

Your communication skills and your passion for beverages is the key requirement. No matter which academic stream you selected after the 10th, you can pursue a rewarding bartending education based on your preferences.

What are the key skills that you need to get a diploma in hotel management in Udaipur?

Hotel management diplomas are ideal for students who have effective communication skills, problem-solving skills, teamwork skills, customer service, attention to detail, and time management. These skills are useful in various operations of the hospitality industry, hence obtaining these skills guarantees a successful career. 

What are the career prospects of pursuing hotel management?

There is no shortage of career options for hotel management graduates. You can be a hotel manager, an event planner, a chef, or a hospitality executive. You get to work in hotels, resorts, restaurants, cruise ships, and event management companies. A hotel management diploma or degree opens up the doors for success not only in Indian hotels but also at lavish international locations.

How do you prepare for a hotel management degree after 12th?

 As said earlier, there are no subject-specific requirements for hotel management courses. So your prime focus should be on enhancing your communication skills, personality and customer-centric mindset. 

You will get benefits in your career if you work a strong foundation in subjects like English, mathematics, and business studies. Go for internships, part-time jobs, and workshops to gain practical exposure

Carefully research potential institutes and choose a hotel management program that has a top-notch curriculum, experienced faculty and strong industry connections for impressive placement opportunities.

Did you know can help you excel in the world of hospitality? 

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