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Best Hotel Management colleges in Udaipur and Hotel Management courses in udaipur
  1. General Manager– He/ she is the one who leads all the operations of the hotel. In India General Manager of the 5-star hotels can earn up to 3-5 lakh rupees per month with the accommodation and food expenses bared by the company.
  2. Chef– with the increasing demand for extraordinary dishes and changing food culture chefs are the one who is in demand nowadays. On average ahead chefs of any fine dining restaurants in India are earning more than 4-8 lakh rupees per money.
  3. Event planner– This is a profession which helps the host in arranging an event without any burden and does all the arrangements for an event like planning menu, lightings, layout, performances, table arrangements, bookings, etc. on an average event planner works on the commission bases and can earn up to 3-4 lakh per event or maybe more depending on the budget for the event.
  4. Bartender– the bartender is the one who is responsible for all the alcoholic drinks and cocktails and mocktails in a bar or for an event. A professional bartender is highly respected in this field and can earn up to 2-3 lakh rupees in India and maybe more in India and Abroad.
  5. Cabin crew– cabin crew are the once responsible for the safety of all the passengers in a flight while it’s flying. They are the ones who guide the passengers in case of an emergency. In India, the average salary of a cabin crew is 1-1.5 lakh per month with the perks like free flight tickets and stay in 5-star hotels and travel around the globe to a different country on the company expenses.

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