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Good news for students of Hotel Management and Tourism

Bartending in Udaipur & bachelor degree in hotel management in Udaipur

With the ups and downs of the current situation Brightwood Institute of hotel management, Udaipur believes there is always a ray of hope for all the hospitality and tourism students. As we are talking about the future of the students let us take the entire scenario into consideration.

1. If we get the vaccines for COVID-19 by the next quarter or even by the start of the new quarter than we can assume that everything can go back to normal and till then students who have passed out this year can utilize the time to upgrade their skills.

2.If the vaccine for COVID-19 is not prepared then also there is no need to worry for the students of the hospitality and tourism as this would become a new normal for everyone and eventually the travelers would be the first to start traveling and corporate meeting and businessman would start traveling and eventually people will start traveling with all the guidelines and follow social distancing.

3.In the current situation- even in the current situation many innovative ideas are being used and even many chefs have to start to work from home and they are sharing new recipes online and many restaurants have started following new guidelines and even the hotel has started taking a booking, etc.

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